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Lời bài hát My Last Breath – Evanescence

Lyrics My Last Breath – Evanescence

My Last Breath - Evanescence

Thông tin bài hát

Tên bài hát: My Last Breath
Ca sĩ: Evanescence
Sáng tác: unknown
Album: Mystery EP
Ngày ra mắt: 20/11/2011
Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rock

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Lời bài hát My Last Breath – Evanescence

hold on to me love
you know i can’t stay long
all i wanted to say was, “I love you and I’m not afraid”
can you hear me?
can you feel me in your arms?

holding my last breath
safe inside myself
are all my thoughts of you
sweet raptured light it ends here tonight

i’ll miss the winter
a world of fragile things
look for me in the white forest
hiding in a hollow tree (come find me)
i know you hear me
i can taste it in your tears


Closing your eyes to disappear,
You pray your dreams will leave you here;
But still you wake and know the truth,
No one is there…

Say goodnight,
Don’t be afraid,
Calling me, Calling me as you fade to black.

(Say goodnight) Holding my last breath
(Don’t be afraid) Safe inside myself
(Calling me, calling me) Are all my thoughts of you?
Sweet raptured life, it ends here tonight


(Holding my last breath)

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